J: First Symptoms

I first felt a bit unwell on 16th February.

Getting into bed I felt a slight tenderness of the bony bit at the base of my sternum (between the ribs) and just thought this odd. On return home I started to have typical ‘flu like symptoms of giddiness and stomach discomfort. These were “low level” and did not really affect my daily activities. After a few days I started getting short of breath, which I found a little puzzling as I had no congestion which would have made it more understandable.

After a weekend in bed, we tried to book a GP appointment on the Monday for Wednesday (had an important commitment on Tuesday all day) but was told to call on Wednesday and ask for an emergency appointment which we did and obtained.

At the same time I had also been puzzled by plateauing of a weight loss programme. I started the 5:2 diet in November and got my weight down from 14st 3lbs to 12st 13lbs at one point. After returning from a trip to London for a couple of nights (12th) I was cheesed off to find my weight up to 13st 1lbs and put that down to dining out with family and too many snacks when visiting a few galleries and museums. My weight was up again to 13st 3lbs on return from Kent which I put down to much the same cause, though I had been still doing my 2 days ‘fasting’ during this time. The day before I went to the GP I was 13st 6lbs which I thought must indicate fluid retention.


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