J: Biopsy results – you can’t prove a negative…

I had a call from Simon Evans, the urologist, today. He has received the biopsy results which are negative for malignancy but Dr. James Walters, the lung specialist, has commented that he thinks the tissue sampling may have missed the target. He, like most of the specialists, thinks that the lung tumours are likely to be secondaries from the kidney. But they may not be and it’s the old truism: the absence of evidence is not evidence of absence!

I have yet to hear from Dr. Walters, but Simon Evans says that he has expressed the view that I could go to Bristol Royal Infirmary to have the “third way” of biopsy which is using more conventional surgery and will be more reliable. I presume that, as this would be under general anaesthetic, the surgeons can have a good rummage about until they find something interesting. Readers may recall that with Dr. Maskell at Bristol Southmead we decided against this (when he ruled out his biopsy technique because of the pocketed fluid) because he thought there may be too much delay in getting onto the BRI theatre list (with the attendant risk of cancellations which are certainly rife in Bath due to lack of places to park post-operatives).

Simon Evans said that he had not yet put me on his operating list but understood my keenness for him to get his knife out on that kidney. I explained to him my permanent slight headache and fuzziness and he agreed this could be because of the kidney not being up to sniff (the other problems are almost certainly due to the lung fluid). He has his Multidisciplinary Team meeting on Wednesday when he will discuss my case and call thereafter.

I will presumably hear in the meantime from Dr. Walters or the lung nurses (or I’ll call them) and if there is anything to add I will post again, otherwise only when I next hear from Simon Evans.

In the meantime, onwards and sideways! I would like to thank everyone for their support and interest. Note that we are now blocking comments on posts, not because we are not grateful for them, but because we aim to keep the blog public yet anonymous. I know that’s a bit of a contradiction but it is in case it is useful to people in a similar situation, as does appear to be the case. Somewhat annoyingly in wordpress.com you can’t block at the blog level but have to do it at each post, so we don’t always remember! But that’s why you’ll find no mention of our names or location in the blog. Thanks for your understanding.

27th March 2015