J: Operation delayed 24 hours

Bath hospital admissions rang today to postpone my operation by 24hrs, “at the specific request of the surgeon.”

So here’s my cynicometer test. Do you interpret that as:

a) Surgeon says “Crikey, that’s straight after we all get back from the bank hol. Let’s postpone a day to ensure everything is back to normal and working perfectly for this lovely patient.”

b) Surgeon says “Crikey, that’s a bank holiday weekend and I want an extra day off.”

You know which you are. Me? I’m saying nothing; but it does give me an extra day to finish painting the wife’s bathroom floor…

UPDATE 1/5: Simon Evans, the urologist, kindly rang today to apologise for the delay and explain that it is due to the availability of Mr. Phull, the surgeon who is specialised in open kidney surgery and who he has always said is the best man for the job. He also confirmed that my CT brain scan is clear. So no secondaries are causing my persistent slight headaches. This is good news as it means it is probably kidney malfunction and will clear up after the op.