L: It’s Out…

Kidney excision completed and J now residing in HDU side of the ICU with one to one care.It was into the marshalling yard at 7.30am t his morning at the hospital for tagging, vitals, etc. and then into his gown and off to theatre at 9.30.

A kind anaesthetist phoned us about 1.30pm to say that J was in recovery and that all had gone well but that we should wait awhile before checking with the ward and visiting.

It seems he had awoken in some considerable pain because the epidural wasn’t doing its job. So they had to whisk him back into the anaesthesia room to have the epidural line re-inserted. He was finally moved to the HDU (High Dependency) side of the ICU at 5pm where we then visited.

The patient seems comfortable enough, given 3-4 hours major surgery, and has an impressive array of tubes attached to him. Unfortunately he also has to have a catheter for a day or so and is definitely not enjoying that experience. The epidural is certainly doing its job now and will remain in place for 2-3 days.

Such an operation is inevitably a major shock to the system but he was positive and cheerful and all the medical staff there are lovely. We just hope he gets a reasonable night’s sleep and will be ready to be moved up to the Robin Smith ward tomorrow sometime.