J: Home Again

I was discharged from hospital at 3pm today, Sunday. Earlier that morning I would not have believed it possible but I am now home and happy.

My kidney tumour has been sent for histology and that will take a couple of weeks. It should help to confirm the type of cancer and therefore the selection of chemotherapy. That should start in 4-6 weeks depending on my recovery. The surgeon, Mr Phull, said that he was confident he had got out all the affected material ‘cleanly’ and that the cancer looked ‘normal’. This means an increased likelihood of finding a successful therapy.

The operation was “not entirely painless”, but successful. I will be writing up a post with a more detailed report in the next day or two. This will contain all the gory details so I urge you to read it only if you are interested in these things; in terms of progress the key facts are already given here and in earlier posts.

Thanks to everyone for their interest and kind wishes which have made a big difference to me.