J: I have a date with CT!

I finally have a date for a CT scan – 22nd July. No scan, no oncology appointment. No oncology appointment, no request form for tablets. No approved request form, no tablets for my lung tumours.

I was getting a bit restless not having had a date for an appointment. When I had my TIA they did one there and then; so how come, three weeks after it had been requested, I had not even been given a date?

Last week I phoned the lovely Macmillan Kidney nurses (who still have me on their books even though I only have lung cancer now). They called me back having spoken the CT Scan Appointment Making Department who informed them that they were considering updating the appointments diary in a few days time. The nurse said she’d call them again, which she did, then called me to say I was now in and gave me the date. Hurrah! This is a good date too as it’s the day before my wife goes in to have her second eye operation at Bristol.

It is great having these nurses to talk to. It’s like having a customer services person who knows who to go to in order to get things done, how the system works, and who will also tell you when they can’t help and you just have to live with it. They always call back too.

My general health has been pretty good. My digestive system has been working fine for the last couple of weeks so I’ve stopped the Macrogol – boringly named compared to the previous brand I was on, Laxigo! It took six weeks to sort that out though, which was a surprise. The extra tablets I’m taking have stopped my stomach pains too. I still get discomfort from sitting upright for long or bending over to do physical work, but it lasts just a few hours, not a whole day or two.

I certainly feel well enough to start the chemotherapy now. I still get the odd lung twinge – no better, no worse – but I also get a slight pain in the affected lung when I breathe deeply. I did not have this a couple of months ago so the sooner I start the tablets the better I reckon. At this rate it will be about three months after my operation that I start the chemotherapy, very different from the one month originally suggested. But better late than…