J: Hip op restart – this Thursday, 22/10

The hospital rang today to offer me a new hip op date of the 22nd. I tried not to sound like an eager puppy.

Actually I have some doubts. Despite our rigorous infection control I’ve been feeling increasingly flaky the last few days. I went to the triage doctor at the local surgery on Friday as I have been developing an increasing stomach pain. I mentioned it to the oncologist a couple of weeks ago and he said to await the results of the scan on 29th, though our review meeting is not until the 12th November. Dr. O’Driscoll palpitated for a while and found nothing unusual declaring it “very soft” though did manage to induce a pain in one spot.

I have also become quite constipated quite quickly and very tired, though I don’t feel ill or infected. My weight has fallen to 11st 4lbs, lower than it has been for many years, though not much lower than the 11-7 I was hovering around through the summer, so not a cause for concern. Temperature is fine.

I have shifted the constipation with good old Macrogol and bought a hernia belt. Not because I think I have one but because I get the pain when coughing, sneezing, crutching etc. It came today and has proved quite effective at mitigating the pain.

I managed to get an email address for Mr. Bishay’s secretary so have sent him an update. I very much hope I am good to go. After all they replaced hipsĀ on my father at 93 and on a 112 year old woman last week! So fingers crossed.