JJ: Back to hospital for assessment… not op

Today Mr Kidlung went back to RUH Bath, driven by me, his son JJ. Unfortunately it was to investigate new symptoms, not for his hoped-for hip replacement.

Mr Kidlung had been feeling some discomfort in his right side, between the bottom of the ribs and the navel, for more than 4 weeks now. He’d mentioned it to oncologist, Dr Beresford, who had said that the scan planned for next week might hopefully shed some light on it.

However, it has gradually increased, becoming an acute pain whenever he coughs or moves in certain ways. Fortunately, holding the area firmly with this hands ameliorated it quite a lot and so he bought a hernia belt which has helped. One of the local GPs, Dr Driscoll, prodded the area last Thursday and managed to make him yelp but found nothing odd.

Adding to this growing pain, for the last 6 days he’s been feeling extreme weakness – “like having a flat battery” – and a few other milder symptoms. Clearly something was very wrong.

On Monday we learnt that the much-awaited hip operation was scheduled for tomorrow, so we now worried he would not be fit for it. After getting in touch with the GPs by phone and explaining the worsening symptoms, they sent us in to RUH Bath today for assessment .

We had a direct referral to the Medical Assessment Unit (MAU) and so hoped to bypass the hours waiting in A&E. Unfortunately RUH was bedlocked (like gridlocked but for hospitals, right?). We hung around from 11:30am in a corridor and then an A&E cubicle, then the X-Ray waiting corridor, eventually getting in to MAU at 4:30pm.

The good news is that Mr Kidlung’s favourite consultant and all round great bloke, Dr Walters, was on MAU duty today, so we got to see him.

His verdict:
– calcium levels are up, which can cause a whole range of relevant symptoms- let’s hydrate and drug him to fix the calcium levels and arrange a scan

Mr Kidlung is tucked up in MAU tonight. In tomorrow’s exciting chapter of the Kidlung adventures, we (hopefully) will learn the result of our hero’s new scan.