JJ: Both recovering well in ITU tonight

Mr & Mrs Kidlung are both in the intensive care ward at RUH Bath tonight, where I just visited them.

Mr Kidlung’s operation went smoothly. He wasn’t under a general anaesthetic during the operation, and so was full of beans, chatting away when I talked to him a few hours later. He has no pain at all at the moment as the surgical drugs are still blocking it, although he can move both his legs fine. He is expected to be sent on to a less intensively monitored ward tomorrow. He plans to describe to you soon his experience of the operation, listening to music on  his headphones throughout! As before, we hope to have him home in a few days.

Mrs Kidlung’s operation to remove her remaining thyroid had a complication. Because of its proximity to her windpipe, a small hole in the windpipe was opened when the thyroid was removed (or something roughly along those lines, I’m not clear on the exact details). She was then placed under general anaesthetic, and a specialist throat surgeon was called who stitched up the hole in the windpipe. A tube was placed though her mouth and down her throat, and she was put on a ventilator. Tonight she remains under general anaesthetic, because of the ventilator and tube.

For tomorrow, they will explore waking her up, removing the tube and returning to natural breathing. It’s expected that she will need to be in hospital this weekend, but that her overall recovery after that will likely be straightforward and comfortable.


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