JJ: Peaceful at home

Mr Kidlung hasn’t posted anything for the last few weeks, as there has been little obvious news to report. However, even no news is a kind of news in itself and my father has asked me to keep you, his avid readers, updated.

Mr Kidlung is generally coping well and is relatively cheerful but weak and extremely fatigued. He tends to rise from his bed and come downstairs around breakfast, lunch and dinner times but even then he often dozes in his reclining armchair, kindly proveded by the hospice.

As he says, in part this is simply what one naturally does when there’s nothing else one can do! His hip pains him if makes much use of it and he gets breathless very easily, so moving around is out. His mind feels foggy and sight is blurry, so productive tasks are not really possible and even reading is limited. Talking on the phone is very difficult, as it’s hard to follow his speech without the visual clues of face-to-face interraction.

He enjoys visitors and rallies well while they’re here. We’ve had a lot recently, with many family and old friends and colleagues making the trip out to Chippenham. Both my mother and I have also enjoyed catching up with these old friends.

A little of the tiredness comes from the wearying effect of his background pain and a little comes from the medication that helps to ease that pain. It’s possible that the outpatient treatment for elevated calcium levels which he will receive on Monday will lift the fatigue and brain fog but he is not too optimistic about that.

It’s likely that much of what he’s experiencing has no isolatable cause, being bluntly termed “disease progression”. Generally speaking, he is becoming a little weaker week by week but the changes have been gradual and slight.

We’re looking forward to a family Christmas with Mr Kidlung, his wife, children, their partners and grandchildren all gathered around the fire.

We wish you all a very happy Christmas and prosperous New Year.