JJ: Days rather than weeks

Lesley Holley, the hospice nurse, visited yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon and, after seeing Mr Kidlung, shared her perspective with Mrs Kidlung and me (their son).

She advised us that she felt we should think in terms of having days rather than weeks with him.

Mr Kidlung has weakened sharply day by day since Saturday. Up to now he has come downstairs for a short while in the middle of day but now is mostly asleep or dozing in bed. He is calm and reports no particular pain when stationary, although some when moving around.

Mostly we now find his speech quite difficult to understand as it is slurred by dryness of mouth, weakness and breathlessness, as well as the ‘aphasia’ of not being able to find the word one seeks.

Mr Kidlung’s awareness of time of day and place is slipping. Even the boundaries of waking and dreaming are blurring for him. Night is gradually falling here.