JJ: Coming together

Mrs Kidlung would like to extend to everyone her thanks and deep appreciation for all the wonderful messages and support she has been receiving. They mean a lot to us.

We have been faring reasonably well in the 10 days since Mr Kidlung’s passing, gathering together for Christmas good cheer. We’re now turning our attention to planning for “the funeral” and such like.

Or rather, we would be planning a funeral if it were not for the fact that Mr Kidlung left extensive instructions to make it easy for us and we were quickly abused of any notion of a funeral. Instead, his attention was focused on creating an occasion where his friends and family could gather together in a spirit of celebration.

More specifically, there will be 3 events: Cremation, Embarrowment and Celebration.


Mr Kidlung saw his cremation as an entirely practical and non-religious affair and so will be attended only by Mrs Kidung and his two children.


Mr Kidlung was always an admirer of innovative and enterprising individuals and so his fancy was tickled when he heard that a Wiltshire farmer had constructed a neolithic-style long barrow  and was selling niches in it, where one’s mortal remains could be placed. He promptly bought himself a niche and wishes to be placed it, or “embarrowed” as he termed it. The embarrowment will be an informal affair for close family, a sort of neolithic day out in the countryside.

Celebration of life

Mr Kidlung’s real interest was in what he called a “Celebration”, what more conventional minds might call a strictly secular memorial service. It is for this that he imagined his wider circle of friends, family and colleagues might gather.

All are welcome to the Celebration, which will be take place in Chippenham on Friday 22nd January 2016 at 11:30am. We would love everyone to come but would appreciate your notifying us to help plan numbers for the catering etc.

We envisage the Celebration as an occasion where we will share memories of Mr Kidlung and his eccentricities, what he has meant to us and what we have learned from him. Everyone who wishes to is invited to speak.

Further information and how to notify us can be found on the web page: http://www.kidlung.org/celebration-of-life.


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