JJ: Celebration preparations

Three days ago was Mr Kidlung’s cremation. Mrs Kidlung, my sister and I went to the crematorium, listened to Mendelssohn’s ‘Oh for the Wings of a Dove’, cried a bit and then went and had a lovely lunch in his honour with a splendid bottle of wine… and laughed a lot. In this we were following Mr Kidlung’s instructions. Next we’ll be popping him in his niche in the Long Barrow.

Thank you to everyone who has told us they are coming to the Celebration on the 22nd January. We’re looking forward to seeing you all then.

Here are a few more pieces of information:

Letting us know

Please let us know if you are thinking of coming, even if you’re not sure yet. It helps us plan. (jdjscelebration@gmail.com)


Quite a number of people have offered to share memories of Mr Kidlung, which is wonderful. Hopefully even more may muster courage to say something on the day. If you have been thinking about speaking, do drop us a line even if you’re not sure. (jdjscelebration@gmail.com).

If you would like to share memories but can’t be there on the day (or have reservations about speaking up) then please consider writing instead. If you write something and email it to us, we can pin it up and maybe have someone else read it out.


We would like to have a display of photographs at the Celebration of Mr Kidlung from the many phases of his life. If you have photos of him, please consider uploading them at:


It would be really helpful if one or two people could take on the task of printing out photos and creating this display board at the Celebration. If you’d like to help with that, please email. ( jdjscelebration@gmail.com)


Mr Kidlung’s mother is now very advanced in years and so won’t be attending the Celebration. She would, however, very much like to watch or listen to a recording of the day. If there’s someone out there who’s a dab hand at recording things and would like to volunteer to take charge of making a recording, that would be enormously helpful. Please email (jdjscelebration@kidlung.com).


Details of parking in Chippenham are now on the Celebration page.