Timeline of events

10/11 Discharged
Home with zimmer frames, crutches etc. Stairlift installed. Can make good progress with zimmer frames but can’t yet walk unaided.

Hip replaced under spinal block. Surgeon’s happy.

General consensus improving well enough to operate on hip on 6th subject to surgeon’s approval when he returns on holiday – but anaesthetist, oncologist etc. all agree, though onco concerned about lack of chemo (one course, finished 24/9).

Hip op due this day cancelled. Permidronate to bring down calcium levels. Various drug changes. CT scan brought forward. Results show multiple new tumours in abdomen, presumably cause of increased calcium levels. Oncologist Dr. Mason says this could mean life expectancy now potentially short months or weeks.

Admitted A&E RUH at instigation of Lodge Road Surgery. Feeling v. weak with poor breath. Bloods show v. high calcium as likely cause.

Admitted for hip replacement. Blood counts still poor and not feeling 100% so agreed to postpone for 2 weeks.

Admitted via A&E due to poor breathing. Poor blood counts. Put on IV antibiotics. Discharged 4th October

18/9/15 Oncology Outpatients
Single dose of radiotherapy on the upper right femur preparatory to hip replacement.

17/9/15 Oncology outpatients

Course of Amoxicillin prescribed due to cough/cold.

15/9 RUH Respiratory Outpatients
Pleural drain unblocked by Drs. Walters and Masani using a clot busting solution. Recommended to return to Clopidogrel due to vision issues.

4/9/15 RUH Respiratory Outpatients
Unplanned visit to Respiratory outpatients as lung drain constantly weeping blood from exit wound. Drs. Walters and Masani puzzled – first time in 100 such patients. Consult with Oncologist Dr. Beresford. Combination of Clopidogrel and Sutent may be preventing clotting. Told to stop Clopidogrel immediately. Right lung looks clear – drain volume has tailed off.

4/9/15 RUH Orthopaedic Clinic
Hip surgeons Sandhu and Bishay agree operation needed urgently, but discuss deferring until first 4 weeks of Sutent treatment completed. Operation scheduled for 8th October with radiotherapy 2 weeks before. Told take all weight off right foot  via crutches and wheelchair.

2/9/15 X Ray reveals 4-5cm hole in hip bone (later clarified as top of femur)

28/8/16 Start of lung draining at home

23-26/8/15  James Walters, Matthew Beresford and Vidan Masani RUH
Went to A&E Bath with breathing difficulties on the Sunday. Tuesday permanent pleural drain inserted by Dr. Vidan Masani and 800ml drawn; first oncology appointment with Dr. Matthew Beresford. Wednesday bone scan of whole body due to leg pain and further drain of 400ml (no more to come); issue of Sutent anti-cancer drugs.

17/8/15 Robert Muir (GP) Ellie West (osteopath)
Visited due to leg pain, been going 3 weeks. Possible sciatica. Dr doubtful and issued higher dose painkillers (Naproxen and Cocodamol) as requested. Visited osteopath. Some relief for a couple of days then back to usual.

12/8/15 James Walters RUH
A&E/Day Care: Right lung drained, two litres removed.

3/8/15 Jaspal Phull RUH
Urology Outpatients: aorta query is suspected growth on lymph node. Proposed referral to Mark Beresford Oncology. Proposed admission for right lung drainage.

30/7/15 Dr. O’Driscoll, local surgery

Scan results called through: left lung tumours reduced. New tumours right lung. Effusion (fluid) right lung. Query area near aorta.

28/7/15 Dr. Yoong, local surgery
Attended Lodge Rd. Surgery due to breathlessness. Scan results requested.

22/7/15  Radiology RUH
CT Scan

22/6/15 Simon Evans RUH, Dr. Olivera Frim (oncology) RUH
Urology outpatients follow up. Cancer confirmed as T3A. Tablet treatment proposed. Follow up scan booked.

25/5/15 A&E RUH
Emergency short admission following TIA duration 1hr. Clopidogrel prescribed.

6/5/15 Jaspal Phull (urology surgeon) RUH
Nephrectomy performed successfully. Phull confident all kidney-related tumours removed.

8/4/15 Simon Evans (urology) RUH
CT Scan assisted biopsy confirms metastatic cancer left lung.

17/3/15 Dr. Maskell Bristol Southmead
Planned camera assisted biopsy aborted due to loclulation .

25/2/15 Dr James Walters RUH
Left lung drained (6L). CT scan shows pleural deposits on left lung and 8cm tumour right kidney. Subsequent failed CT Scan assisted biopsy.

25/2/15 Dr. Sonia Munnelly, local surgery

Admitted A&E Bath with short breath.